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CEO, Hello Greatness Company


There's greatness inside all of us! I am on a mission to help women leaders and Rockstar's like you, step up your "A" game... your AWARENESS game that is!

Hello Greatness Company is a leadership development firm partnering with individuals, teams and organizations to build better workplaces by mastering emotional intelligence and improving employee wellbeing through holistic leadership coaching and custom learning experiences that drive performance, engagement and belonging.

My goal is to help you build the EQ skills to "show up better", so that you can be the boss everyone wants to work for, the co-worker everyone wants on their team and the company employees want to be a part of.  Warning: All of the awesomeness that you'll learn will positively affect your organization, professional and personal life.

For over 20 years, I've had the good fortune of building a successful career centered around a few of my favorite things: Communication, Connection and Leadership. 

Not only do I educate, coach and speak for a living, but I have fun doing it! I work with high achieving professionals from all over the country and across different industries, teaching them to be game changers in the marketplace by taking their leadership and interpersonal skills from good to great.

Ready to show up better and step into your greatness? 

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As someone seeking to improve my own self-awareness, self-leadership skills, and relationships with others, I found great value in working with Alicia. She helped me work through both personal and professional circumstances, guiding me to better understanding and action steps. She is objective, confident, and understanding in her approach and listens intently to hear what's not being said. I highly recommend Alicia as a coach to anyone seeking clarity, accountability, and future-focused solutions.

-Tina Unrue

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